TLC have a broad knowledge of all things green. If you have a query regarding your lawn, lawn care practises or horticultural processes our Trusted lawn experts are here to offer advice.


Why is TLC for me?

Our tailor-made service is designed to meet the specific needs of your lawn. Striving to grow your lawn into a healthier, better quality, more enjoyable environment. We will produce a plan that is specific to your lawn, helping it to achieve its maximum potential, whilst offering you an eco-friendly choice. We want you involved at every step of the way. Your lawn, your choice – our customer is king.


Is it more cost effective than DIY?

Absolutely! The professional products we use in our service are stronger and more effective than DIY products and are unavailable to purchase without licensing and training. They are faster-acting and more reliable than off-the-shelf products, which can take several applications before taking any affect. The lawn treatments we offer are incredibly good value and start as little as £15.00.


Are you part of a franchise?

No, we are an independent business. The franchise model tends to produce a lack of uniformity, which can have a negative impact on the quality of service. We aim to consistently provide the highest quality of service and accommodate all our customers’ needs and expectations.


What if my lawn is beyond repair?

Do not worry. We offer a comprehensive service that will bring your lawn back to full health regardless of its condition. Even if you have more soil than grass, our lawn renovation will help to produce a healthy expanse of green that you will be as proud to own as we are to work on.


When can I start?

At any time of the year, contact us as soon as you are ready to receive your FREE Trusted Lawn Analysis and quote. We will arrange a convenient time to visit and will adapt our treatment plan and service to the specific needs of your lawn.


When will my lawn show improvements?

Almost instantly, depending on the weather and time of the year. Our weed and moss control treatments become active immediately, the weeds die down within 10 days and the moss blackens within 2 hours. All treatments will show results within 2 weeks.


Do I have to do anything?

Please do not mow the lawn for 3 days before or after a seasonal treatment. Also please ensure that your lawn is clear of any obstacles and free of leaves when we come for your seasonal treatment.

Following an application of our moss treatment, moss will turn black and will benefit from being removed from the lawn. This should be done either by raking or Scarification.

After Scarification or Aeration, mowing the grass immediately will help to remove any debris left behind.

Regularly remove leaves during winter and autumn to prevent moss growth and lawn diseases.


Do I have to be in when you come to treat my lawn?

You do not have to be at home when we come to treat your lawn. You will be notified in advance of the date that we will be visiting to carry out your treatment. If you are going to be out we simply ask that you leave any gates or access unlocked to allow us entry to the lawn and ensure that pets are shut away from the lawn.


Are your treatments harmful to children or pets?

They are not, although we advise that children and pets are kept off the lawn for at least 3 hours after treatments to avoid the staining of surfaces.


Are you licensed to treat lawns?

Our Trusted Lawn Experts are professionally trained in all aspects of horticulture and turf maintenance, level 3 NVQ skilled and hold both PA1 and PA6 licences. Our experts also hold professional qualifications from Brooksby and other agricultural colleges. As we aim to achieve the highest standards we ensure our lawn care specialists also continue to develop professionally.