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Kegworth, Nottinghamshire - April 2021


Achieving and maintaining a luscious lawn can be a time-consuming ordeal. However, you can have a superb looking lawn with ease.

We undergo FREE Lawn and Soil Analysis with absolutely no obligation to everyone that wants to know exactly what is going on underneath the green.

  • A focused effort into optimising underlying growing conditions to ensure longevity and long-term viability 
  • Converse with an experienced, professional turf expert and horticulturalist
  • Have safety of mind knowing that your lawn is being looked after by a dedicated turf expert that cares about your lawn as much as you do
  • Significant improvement within weeks -  and in some cases - after just one seasonal treatment!
We have been using Trusted Lawn Care for the past year. The simple answer about their service is, YES it works. The lawn has been weed free all year. The grass has been lush and thick. I mow our lawn twice a week and it’s always looking pristine thanks to the work these guys have done.
Tim M., Keyworth
I have had lawn care in the past but I was unhappy with the amount of time they were spending on the lawn and the general quality of the service. Since changing to Trusted Lawn Care I have noticed an improvement in my lawn and they successfully identified and dealt with Chafer Grubs before they became an issue.
Dicky D., Barrow-upon-Soar

Kegworth, Nottinghamshire - April 2021


We provide you with specific recommendations based on your analysis that are guaranteed to get your lawn growing as it should be.

Our technical experts have worked with thousands of customers across the East Midlands to help lawns like yours achieve their full potential (and make the neighbours jealous in the process).

Our professional turf experts are fully qualified, have a huge range of knowledge, academic qualifications in both horticulture, turf science and many years of experience in the turf care industry.

Analysis of both the lawn and the soil coinciding with the experience and knowledge of your dedicated turf expert will dictate the plan we design for your lawn. 

No two lawns are the same, whether it be the composition of the soil or the variety of grasses, Like us, all lawns are unique individuals. 

Your lawn requires specific, appropriate and bespoke attention. We are firm believers that in the lawn care industry, one rule does not fit all.

Great results and attention to detail. Josh has been extremely informative and can always answer all my questions.
Carolyn S., Quorndon
Friendly, very reliable and knowledgeable. Have done an absolute brilliant job with my lawn. Can't wait to see the difference this coming spring. I highly recommend TLC; you will not be disappointed!
Wayne N., Stanford on Soar
World Class Service. Knowledgeable. Thanks for everything.
George T., West Bridgeford

Our programmes and treatments have been developed through extensive scientific research and experience to ensure you get the best results possible.

Our Services

  • Seasonal Lawn Treatments
  • Moss & Weed Control
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Scarification & Aeration
  • Aftercare Mowing Service

Our Differences

  • Tailored treatment programmes based on greenkeeping regimes
  • Availability of technical experts who have studied Horticulture, Turf Science and worked on thousands of lawns
  • Exceptional level of customer service - we will be there for you and work with you to deliver results
  • Focus on soil enrichment & lasting results
  • No ‘blitzing’ the lawn with Nitrogen (can have negative effects in the long run)

Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire - September 2020

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